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Zappa, Frank
Mystery Disc

1. Theme from Run Home Slow (Zappa) - 1:23
2. Duke of Prunes (Zappa) - 1:17
3. Opening Night Party at Studio Z [Collage] - 1:34
4. The Village Inn - 1:17
5. Steal Away (Hughes) - 3:43
6. I Was a Teenage Maltshop (Zappa) - 1:10
7. The Birth of Captain Beefheart (Zappa) - 0:18
8. Metal Man Has Won His Wings (Zappa) - 3:06
9. Power Trio Segment from the Saints 'N' Sinners - 0:34
10. Bossa Nova Pervertamento (Zappa) - 2:15
11. Excerpt from the Uncle Frankie Show - 0:40
12. Charva (Zappa) - 2:01
13. Speed-Freak Boogie (Zappa) - 4:14
14. Original Mothers at the Broadside (Pomona) - 0:55
15. Party Scene from Mondo Hollywood - 1:54
16. Original Mothers Rehearsal - 0:22
17. How Could I Be Such a Fool (Zappa) - 1:49
18. Band Introductions at the Fillmore West - 1:10
19. Plastic People (Zappa) - 1:58
20. Original Mothers at the Fillmore East - 0:50
21. Harry, You're a Beast (Zappa) - 0:30
22. Don Interrupts (Zappa) - 4:39
23. Piece One (Zappa) - 2:26
24. Jim/Roy (Zappa) - 4:04
25. Piece Two (Zappa) - 6:59
26. Agency Man (Zappa) - 3:25
27. Agency Man [Studio Version] (Zappa) - 3:27
28. Lecture from Festival Hall Show - 0:21
29. Wedding Dress Song/The Handsome Cabin Boy (Traditional) - 2:36
30. Skweezit Skweezit Skweezit (Traditional) - 2:57
31. The Story of Willie the Pimp - 1:33
32. Black Beauty (Traditional) - 5:23
33. Chucha (Traditional) - 2:47
34. Mothers at KPFK - 3:26
35. Harmonica Fun (Traditional) - 0:41

"Theme from Run Home Slow"
Run Home Slow was a low bugdet western produced by Tim Sullivan, starring Mercedes McCambridge, written by my friend and high school English teacher, Don Cerveris. I wrote the music for it.The money for this job was used to buy an electric guitar and the Pal Recording Studio in Cucamonga. Pal was re-named "Studio Z". This is the same performance as on THE LOST EPISODES. The Mystery Disc version is a mono mix while on THE LOST EPISODES it is glorious stereo.

"Duke of Prunes"
This music is also part of "Run Home Slow" score. In this scene a nymphomanic cowgirl is getting plooked by a hunchback, next to the rotting carcass of former donkey. Really.

"Opening Night Party at Studio Z"
This is a collage of some dialogf and music from the party on opening night. The guests included Captain Beefheart, his former girlfriend Laurie, Ray Collins, Mothorhead Sherwood and Bob Narciso. Bob is singing abut the Pall Malls. Motothead is talking about his girlfriend.

"The Village Inn"
In order to survive while living in "Studio Z", I worked a weekend gig at the Village Inn (80 miles away in Sun Village). This is the emcee (identity unknown) introducting the band: Johnny Franklin (bass), Toby (drums), 'Frankie Zappo' (guitar) and overlooked in the exctement Motorhead on the tenor sax.

"Steal Away"
A lady named Corsa sat in with us that night at the Village Inn. this is a blues song that had been a hit a few years before, recorded by Jimmy Hughes.

"I Was a Teenage Maltshop"
Meanwhile, back at "Studio Z", I had been working on what might have been the world's first 'rock opera'...a stuoid piece of trash called I WAS A TEENAGE MALT SHOP. This was the opening theme. FZ on piano, Motorhead on acoustic guitar, Vic Mortenson on drums.

"The Birth of Captain Beefheart"
Bedides working on the hideous little rock opera, I was trying to raise money for a mocro-budget sci-fi film called "CAPTAIN BEEFHEART vs THE GRUNT PEOPLE". This is a sample of the dialog. Captain Beefheart was a character I invented for the film. His name derives from one of Don Vliet's relatives who looked like Harry Truman. He used to piss with the door open when Don's girlfriend walked by and make comments about
how his whizzer looked just like a beef heart.

"Metal Man Has Won His Wings"
In our spare time we made what we thought were 'rock&roll' records. In this example Vliet was 'singing' in the hallway outside the studio (our vocal booth)while the band played in the other room. The lyrics were derived from a comic book pinned to a bulletin board near the door. The musicans include: FZ on guitar Vic Mortenson on drums and a bass player from a surf group (identity unknown).

"Power Trio Segment from the Saints 'N' Sinners"
Another weekend gig recording from an orange-pickers bar in Montclair. Later that night, a deranged Mexican tried to pull my mustache off. FZ - guitar, Les Papp - drums, Paul Woods - bass.

"Bossa Nova Pervertamento"
A "Studio Z" late-night jam with FZ on accoustic guitar, Les Papp on drums and Bobby Saldana on bass.

"Excerpt from the Uncle Frankie Show"
Once upon a time, I was a disc jockey on a low-voltage college radio station. Nobody ever checked to see what was going on there. I was not a student. I got away with it for a week.

Another one of our 'rock&roll records'. FZ - vocals, piano, bass, drums. "Studio Z" had the world's only steggered-head 5 track recorder (designed by Paul Buff). While the big guys were wondering whether stereo was going to catch on, we were doing massive overdubs. This is the same performance as on THE LOST EPISODES, but this version is a strange, almost binaural mix/mastering while THE LOST EPISODES version
is true mono.

"Speed-Freak Boogie"
An example of multiple overdubs and half-speed recording, circa 1962. FZ speeded-up lead and rhythm guitar, Doug Moon - rhythm acoustic guitar.

"Original Mothers at the Broadside"
Ray Collins called me one night to replace another guitar player in the band he had been working with (THE SOUL GIANTS), since he had gotten in a fight with him. They had a good gig at a club in Pomona called The Broadside. After the sax player , Davy Coronado, quit I took over, changed the band name, and eventually this recording was made. The dropouts are on the original tape, caused by a wobbly reel.

"Party Scene from Mondo Hollywood"
Through a number of perverse twists of fate, we would up being used as the 'party band' for a movie called "MONDO HOLLYWOOD", in a scene when freaks and maniacs cavort, licentiously. The equipment we are playing on was lent to us by Jim Guerico. Thanks again Jim. In the background, listening to this spewage was Herb Cohen. He decide to manage the early Mothers a short while later.

"Original Mothers Rehearsal"
Almost by accident we got a record deal. We were completly broke, and finance company was coming after Jimmi Carl Black's drum set. We used to collect pop bottles to cash them in so we could buy Wonder Bread and baloney for the rehearsals. In spite of this, we got to practice in some of the best rehearsal places in town. Tim Sullivan had a studio on Seward St. (now occupied by Haskell Wexler). Tim still owed me some money for the "RUN HOME SLOW" movie track. Instead of paying me, he let us use his soundstage. The ever present Akai tape recorder moved in with us.

"How Could I Be Such a Fool"
A rehearsal tape from the Seward St. stage of an early version of the song as it was prepared for the FREAK OUT! album.

"Band Introductions at the Fillmore West"
In either late '65 or early '66 we worked the Fillmore West as an opening act for Lenny Bruce. Ray Collins providesmthe introductions, mispronouncing Elliot Ingber's last name. Bill Graham finishes things off.

"Plastic People"
The early version was recorded at that same show.

"Original Mothers at the Fillmore East"
A few years later, we were well on our way to becoming the most despired musical group of all time...,partially for making noises like this on stage in an era when everyone else was stuffing flowers in the ends of policemen's guns, telling themselves how "envolved" they were for doing something that stupid.

"Harry, You're a Beast" (this is edited version of AHEAD OF THEIR TIME, track 17)

"Don Interrupts"(this is unedited version of AHEAD OF THEIR TIME, track 2 Progress")

"Piece One" (this is the same version as AHEAD OF THEIR TIME, track 3 "Like It Or Not")

"Jim/Roy" (this is a heavily edited version of the combined AHEAD OF THEIR TIME, track 4,

"The Jimmy Carl Philosophy Lesson" and track 5 "Holding The Group Back" and track 6, "Holiday In Berlin" and the spoken beginning of track 7 "The Rejected Mexican Pope Leaves The Stage")

"Piece Two" (this is an edited version of the music portion AHEAD OF THEIR TIME, track 7, "The Rejected Mexican Pope Leaves The Stage" and track 8, "Undaunted, The Band Plays On")

"Agency Man" (this is an edited version of AHEAD OF THEIR TIME, track 9, of the same name and the beginning of track 10, "Epilogue"). The Mystery Disc #2 sleeve says these tracks are form the Festival Hall Show, London, October 28, 1968. Written and directed by Frank Zappa. In the liner notes for AHEAD OF THEIR TIME, Zappa goes on to say, ":Throughout the tour, I had been wariting chamber music pieces in airports & hotels. Somewhere in the moddle of the tour, when asked about opening act for the London show, I opted to hire 14 members of the BBC Symphony to play these pieces, and biuld a cheesy little psycho-drama around them, featuring the band doing something other tan our usual stuff." (This was a filmed stage play with costumes and everything). The band on this tour: FZ - guitar & voc, Ian Underwood - alto sax and piano, Bunk Gardner - ternor sax & clarinet, Euclid James Motorhead Sherwood - baritone sax & tambourine, Roy Estrada - bass & voc, Don Preston - electric piano & odd noises, Artur Dyer Tripp III - drums & perc, Jimmy Carl Black - drums.

"Agency Man [Studio Version]"
Recorded at Apostolic Studios in NYC in 1967. Exact personnel unknown but, along with Zappa on guitar, it is possible the other musicians playing in these sessions are: Roy Estrada on bass, Don Preston on keyb, Ian Underwood on keyb & saxes, Bunk Gardner on woodwinds, Jimmy Carl Black on perc, Art Tripp III on perc and perhaps, even Ray Collins on voc. Ah-rumpa-pumpa.

"Lecture from Festival Hall Show"
This does not appear on AHEAD OF THEIR TIME.

"Wedding Dress Song/The Handsome Cabin Boy"
From the UNCLE MEAT sessions 1967. FZ states in THE LOST EPISODES liner notes (yes, you can find them there): "I love sea shanties. I thought they were really good melodies, so I arranged them for rock&roll band. We used to play 'em all the time. I used to really love to listento sea shanties and folk music. When everyone else was listening to Cream, I was listening to A.L. Lloyd and Ewan MacColl. These were two old guys who used to record together, trying to replaice the original instrumentation of sea shanties. 'Handsome Cabin Boy' is a song about the bogus certyfication of sailors. A girl goes on board dressed as a boy, and gets pregnant. The lyrics are all about who done it". The musicians are believed to be Frank Zappa on guitar, Art Tripp on marin=mba & vibes, Roy Estrada on bass, Don Preston on keyb and Jimmy Carl Balck on drums. This is the same recording though later individually wrapped on THE LOST EPISODES, track 16 and 17.

"Skweezit Skweezit Skweezit"
The Mystery Disc #2 sleeve says this is from the Ballroom in Hardford, Connecticut. No other information on this track is given. However this likely recorded at the same time, February 1969, as The Ballroom tracks which appear on YCDTOSA #1. If so the musicians are FZ on guitar, Roy Estrada on voc & bass, Lowell George on guitar, Don Preston on keyb, Buzz Gardner on trumpet, Ian Underwood on alto sax, Bunk Gardner on tenor sax, Motorhead Sherwood on baritone sax, Jimmy Carl Black on drums and Art Tripp on drums. According to the YCDTOSA #1 notes, these Ballroom tracks were recorded "on the tour just prior to the band's break-up (after a concert in North Carolina a few months later). The audience at this show (in the dance hall)
also seemed to prefer the dynamic musical stylings of The Vanilla Fudge. (At another concert on Long Island some members os the audience were actually chanting 'Youse guys stink...bring on the Fudge')". In the YCDTOSA #1 booklet The Ballroom may actually have been moved to Stratfird, Connecticut.

"The Story of Willie the Pimp"
Audio verite. FZ interviews the delightful Annie Zannas & Cynthia Dobson in NYC in 1972. Recorded by FZ, most likely on his portable Uher.

"Black Beauty"
The Mystery Disc #2 sleeve says this was recorded in 1968 at Thee Image in Miami, Florida. An sdited, retitled version of this life recording is on YVDTOSA #5. According to those notes the musicians are: FZ - conductor, voc, Lowell George on guitar, Roy Estrada on bass, Don Preston on keyb, Buzz Gardner on trumpet, Ian Underwood on alto sax, Bunk Gardner on tenor sax, Motorhead on baritone sax, Jimmy Carl Black on drums and Art Tripp on drums. The YCDTOSA #5 booklet lists this as being recorded in 1969. This is the same perforemance as on YCDTOSA #5, track 25, "Underground Freak-out Music", but this version is seriouslyuneditrd nersion.

From Criteria Studios Miami Florida, 1968. No other information is provided on the MYSTERY DISC #2. It seems most likely however, that this was recorded during sessions which actually occured in 1969. Exact presonnel unknown but the musicians credited elsewhere as having participated in these sessions are FZ on guitar & vical, Lowell George on guitar, Roy Estrada on bass, Don Preston on keyb, Buzz Gardner on trumpet, Ian Underwood on alto sax, Bunk Gardner on tenor sax, Motorhead on baritone sax, Jimmy Carl Black on drums and Art Tripp on drums.

"Mothers at KPFK"
The Mothers explore the meaning of radio. Probably 1968.

"Harmonica Fun"
Fun with a harmonica.

Frank Zappa - Producer, Liner Notes
Dr. Toby Mountain - Mastering
Cal Schenkel - Design
Don Van Vliet - Photography
Mastered by Toby Mountain/Norteastern Digital Recording

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