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Ford Theatre
Time Changes
(1969, album studyjny)

TIME CHANGES, is the story of a young man named Clifford Smothergill (known to his friends as Clifford) and his search for meaning and significance in life. This musical tale is based on the life of a very real person, whose true identity is a matter for very careful consideration, significant as it is.

01. Introduction (1:00) Being as it is, an introduction.
02. Time Changes (3:09) and so it does. The Chorus (consisting of our main character) discusses our theme.
03. Interlude One (1:14) Enter Puck, wandering minstrel, who will introduce the characters in our play, and reappear from time to time to tie together the loose ends of our plot.
04. That's My Girl (2:12) a significant scene, wherein, we find Clifford in the midst of his first meaningful love affair.
05. Wake up In The Morning (3:08) And upon doing so, Clifford finds himself a victim of man's eternal adversaries––doubt and insecurity. In short, Clifford panics.
06. I've Got The Fever (5:17) Finding his doubt and insecurity to be justified as the result of Mary Jane's leaving him in his hour of need, our hero sinks into the lowest depths of despair and experiences frantic moments that severely shake his faith in humanity.
07. Crash (1:06) Which he did.
08. At The Station (3:51) The possibility of finding some meaningful answers at home occurs to Clifford which prompts him to leave New York and return to Philadelphia.
End of Act I

09. Back To Philadelphia (3:58) Bringing it all back home proves to be a futile attempt at solving his problems, and so poor Clifford is left with the realization that his search for meaning must go on.
10. Clifford's Dilemma (1:58) A choice must be made, and Clifford considers the two possibilities––a return to New York and to Mary Jane or an aimless wandering.
11. Jefferson Airplane (2:59) Our hero decides to wander aimlessly for a while, and in doing so he loses touch with most of the world around him. Clifford Smothergill experiences a journey that few minds can endure.
12. I Feel Uncertain (2:26) Who can survive too long a journey such as this?!!? Our hero can take it only so long, and eventually he decides to return to Mary Jane and to resume the love affair. Mary Jane receives him gladly (after having gone through some pretty heavy changes herself), and now Clifford is left once again with haunting feelings of insecurity.
13. Interlude Two (1:18) Re-enter Puck, who will now enlighten us somewhat concerning a few of the more subtle aspects of our plot.
14. Good Thing (2:17) Oh, glorious day for Clifford!! Finally, he is convinced that he has found meaning and significance in life. Let us only hope that herein lies the end to our noble hero's desperate search.
15. Outroduction (1:13) Wherein Puck sums up our story in a most lucid fashion, bringing to mind the philosophical significance of all that has transpired.
- Harry Palmer (guitars)
- John Mazzarelli (keyboards, vocals)
- Butch Webster (lead guitar)
- Joey Scott (lead vocals, bass)
-Bill Szymczyk (narration)

Additional Instrumentation Arranged & Conducted by: Bert DeCoteaux––except on "TIME CHANGES"––Strings Arranged & Conducted by: Johnny Pate. And presenting THE FORD THEATRE Rock & Roll Concert Orchestra • Violins Irving Spice––Concert Master • Herbert Sorkin • Louis Haber • Gene Orloff • Matthew Raimondi • Elliot Rosoff • Louis Stone Chelli Seymour Barab • Alan Shulman • Maurice Bialkin Viola Jean DuPouy Trumpets Joseph D. Newman • Burt Collins Trombone Benny Powell • Tenor Sax & Flute Seldon Powell • Baritone Sax Joe Grimm • Harpist Sally Goodwin (and special thanks to Sally for performing her "Jam in "C" for Harp" under extremely difficult conditions.)

Songwriting Credits: All tracks written by Harry Palmer except for I've Got The Fever (Harry Palmer/V. Marsden)

Produced by Bill Szymczyk
Recorded at Hit Factory, New York

Cover & Inside Photos––Ellen McNeilly • Back Cover Photos––Ed Judice • Cover Design––Byron Goto & Henry Epstein • Hassles by––Mel Cheren •
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