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Emerson, Lake & Palmer
From The Beginning
(2007, album kompilacyjny)

1. Epitaph (King Crimson)
2. Decline And Fall (Atomic Rooster)
3. Fantasia: Intermezzo Karelia Suite (The Nice)
4. Lucky Man
5. Tank
6. Take A Pebble (Lyceum London 9/12/1971)
7. The Barbarian (Lyceum London 9/12/1971)
8. Knife Edge (Lyceum London 9/12/1971)
9. Rondo (Lyceum London 9/12/1971)
10. Tarkus
11. Bitches Crystal
12. A Time And A Place (Single B-Side Version)
13. Oh, My Father (Recorded 1971-Previously Unreleased)
14. The Endless Enigma (Part One)
15. The Endless Enigma (Part Two)
16. From The Beginning (Single Version)
17. Trilogy
18. Abbadons Bolero
19. Hoedown (Live 1972-Previously Unreleased)
20. Jerusalem (First Mix 1972-Previously Unreleased)
21. Still You Turn Me On (First Mix 1972-Previously Unreleased)
22. When The Apple Blossoms (Single B-Side Version)
23. Karn Evil 9 (Pt 1, Pt 2, 2nd & 3rd)
24. Jeremy Bender/The Sheriff
25. I Believe In Father Christmas (Early Version)
26. The Enemy God Dances (With The Black Spirits)
27. Piano Concerto No 1
28. Pirates (No Orchestra Version) (Recorded 1977-Previously Unreleased)
29. Fanfare For The Common Man
30. Honky Tonk Train Blues
31. Tiger In A Spotlight
32. Watching Over You
33. Introductory Fanfare/Peter Gunn Theme (Live)
34. Canario (Rehearsal - Love Beach)
35. Mars - The Bringer Of War
36. Desede La Vida/La Vista/Sangre De Toro
37. Black Moon (Single Version)
38. Footprints In The Snow
39. Romeo And Juliet (Live At The Albert Hall)
40. Man In The Long Black Coat (Ext)
41. Daddy
42. Hang On To A Dream
43. Touch And Go (Live In Poland)
44. Hoedown
45. Tarkus
46. Take A Pebble
47. Lucky Man
48. Piano Improvisation
49. Pictures At An Exhibition
50. Promonade
51. The Gnome
52. Promonade - Vocal
53. Hut Of Baba Yaga
54. The Curse Of Baba Yaga
55. Hut Of Baba Yaga
56. Great Gates Of Kiev
57. Rondo
58. Manticore Years (DVD Documentary)
- Keith Emerson (keyboards and synthethizers)
- Greg Lake  (vocals, bass and guitars)
- Carl Palmer  (drums and percussion)
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